Innovative Way to Measure Campaign Results

A well-known Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and their advertising partner, a national broadcast company, created an advertising campaign to drive increased traffic for 135 franchised locations across the country. 

To calculate how much sales lift was driven by the campaign, the broadcasting company partnered with to establish and advertising strategy bases on location-based targeting and online retargeting in order to maximize both online traffic and in-store visits at a low Cost Per Action (CPA), while also increasing incremental sales. and the broadcast media company engaged Commerce Signals to validate the bottom-line impact of the advertising campaign by matching store-level transaction data to served impressions to determine the sales lift for both in-store and online purchases.

Targeting User Location and Defining Sales Lift’s Geo-Fencing solution targeted potential customers nearby each store location and served them display ads to measure the number of users who visited one of the restaurants in-person after receiving an ad. They also deployed CTV ads via a proprietary segment for the QSR chain. then retargeted users who were served a CTV ad with display ads across their other devices via cross-device matching.

Commerce Signals cross-referenced the impression data with the QSR chain’s in-store and online sales to their anonymized consumer card spending data from banks and processors. With this information, Commerce Signals could determine the sales lift during a specified time frame which helped determine the most effective creative flights, promotions, and targeting tactics.

Achieving Success with Digital Partnerships

The campaign drove significant online and in-store traffic to the QSR’s locations across the nation. The brand measured more than 9,600 total actions at a CPA of $4.89, which included in-store visits and online ad clicks. The campaign also garnered a 0.12% CTR for display ads, exceeding the 0.10% goal.

By using Commerce Signals transaction data, the advertiser dove deeper in their analysis and saw an overall lift of 18.3% over the 27-day period. The Commerce Signals team also determined that the creative flight for holiday gift cards and catering performed best, leading to a 33.9% sales lift and a $8.32 increase in spend per customer. Notably, the gift card ad creative alone led to a 60% sales lift. Reaching new audiences was also a main contributor to the sales lift with a 12% increase in net new purchases. And online sales proved to be the most effective channel, generating a 42% sales lift.

The QSR brand and their broadcast media partner continue to work with and Commerce Signals to drive performance and sales lift for their locations across the country.

Click here to see Commerce Signals case study

Click here to see case study

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