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Optimize for Sales, Not Clicks

  with the fastest way to measure advertising’s impact on in-store and online sales. See how.


For Marketers, Agencies & Publishers


14  Measure Sales Lift

In under 72 hours, we measure marketing’s impact on in-store and online retail sales

14 Optimize for Sales Lift

With timely, accurate and granular insights, you can shift spend to the tactics that are driving the most sales

14Grow Sales and Traffic

Impact sales results quicker with near-real time insights and mid-campaign optimization

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For Financial Institutions & Payment Networks

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

14  Provide More Value

Create value for customers and shareholders, using existing data that sits securely with your walls

14 Leverage Our Platform

Activate quickly through our secure, permission-based data platform while maintaining control over use and price

14  Privacy Centric

We enforce the critical rules and permissions necessary to protect consumer privacy

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March Madness is here! Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, UConn’s Geno Auriemma, and many other famous coaches will lead their teams onto the hardcourt. Tens of thousands of lesser-known coaches will do the same in travel and recreational leagues. All of these coaches are hoping...

5 Golden Marketer Opportunities in Corporate Tax Cuts

The U.S. Government just handed U.S. corporations a huge tax decrease for 2018 and beyond. The top tax rate is going from 35% to 21%. If your marketing experience is like mine, you probably haven’t spent a ton of time focusing on your effective corporate tax rate. But...

A New Capability For Retail Marketers to Grow In-Store Sales

What if you knew in near-real time which marketing tactics were driving incremental in-store sales and which weren’t? You’d likely shift spending from what’s not working to what is working as quickly as you could. Historically, this Q&A was hypothetical. Measurement...

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