Privacy Centric by Design


Setting a New Standard in Consumer Privacy

Commerce Signals’ value is powered through access to the broadest, most trusted sources of consumer purchase information. To protect consumers and satisfy the privacy and risk requirements of banking, we developed a federated, privacy centric platform. 

No PII Collected or Stored

We have no access to name, address, email, phone number, SSN, account numbers or device info.

Only Aggregate Insights

No individual transaction data leaves the secure environment of our payment data partners. For example, in measuring the sales impact of a marketing campaign, we compare the aggregate spend of an exposed group to the aggregate spend of a control group. 

Patent Pending Process

We start with anonymized, de-identified IDs created by independent ID brokers.Then we translate them to a second anonymized ID that payment companies can understand. Our patent pending method of ID translation prevents re-identification.

Full documentation of our privacy approach and data flows is available for legal, risk or privacy review.