Accurate, Actionable Measurement

Starts With The Best Data

Best Quality & Broadest Coverage

Many retail marketers don’t realize that the largest first-party data set of their sales transactions is held by their payment processor. Commerce Signals partners with the largest payment processors in the world to break the first-party data trade-off by delivering both reliable quality and broad coverage.

What’s covered for most retailers:

  • In-store, online and in-app purchases
  • Visa, Mastercard and Discover 
  • Credit and debit
  • Private label cards

Why Better Data is More Actionable


Payment card data is always on and 100% confident, without any of the accuracy issues that come with tracking location



With always on coverage from credit and debit payment cards, our approach delivers the biggest sample sizes



Larger sample sizes let us separate noise from true signals of your impact on sales. We provide statistical significance testing of every detailed data cut.



Great data and simple math can yield insights in as fast as 24 hours. We never manually model or extrapolate small samples. We always share sample sizes and match rates.



Purchase data combined with simple, control vs. exposed math are easy to explain to a CFO. Proxies and black box modeling don’t inspire confidence.