Controlled Use

Federated Data®

Commerce Signals was purpose built to enable data sharing between trusted parties in a completely unique way: Federated Data®. In this model everyone keeps their data in their four walls and Commerce Signals serves as the connector between them. Insight requests are managed as distributed queries.

For example, we use federated data to connect retailers and restaurants to card payment data. If restaurant chain wants to know “Does Tom like Italian food?”, a bank could provide an answer based on aggregated data. Their answer might be “Tom’s propensity for Italian Food is 9.0 out of 10”.

Traditional data sharing models would never work for the bank. They would never respond to a query by sharing 2 years worth of a consumer’s transaction history.

Federated data allows each party to understand both WHO is asking the question and HOW it will be used. The value of data (and its availability) is based upon HOW IT IS USED. For example, the fact that a person just researched a vacation to Italy is worth a small amount to a seller of Italy guidebooks and much larger amount to a seller of Italy vacation packages. Commerce Signals enables controlled sharing of data and allows both parties to understand the value unlocked.

Unlock New Data

Control of use enables new data sets to be shared among trusted parties.


Privacy Centric

We enforce the critical rules and permissions necessary to protect consumer privacy.

No IT Needed

By connecting your data to other trusted first party data sets, you avoid long upfront onboarding projects.