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Commerce Signals is the fastest way to measure advertising’s impact on in-store sales. See how.

Commerce Signals is the fastest way to measure advertising’s impact on in-store sales. See how.

Marketers, Media Agencies and Publishers

Optimize on sales, not clicks

  • Measure your impact on actual, retail sales in near-real time
  • Optimize your marketing with data from purchases made just 2 days ago
  • Win market share by growing same-store sales
Financial Institutions, Payment Networks & Merchants

Unlock the potential of your data

Data owners know they can provide value for their customers and shareholders from data already sitting inside the secure walls of an organization. But, a lack of resources, time, and legacy privacy concerns consistently slow new and exciting models to create value. Commerce Signals helps you turn data into products that your clients use while enforcing the critical rules and permissions necessary to protect consumer privacy.

Sales vs. Clicks

How a major retailer learned to double their sales lift.

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2017, The Year Of Measurement

This year, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) labeled 2017 as the Year of Measurement. Understanding why and what is changing, is key for retail, banking and advertising. Most of us know the adage “measure what you want to manage.” As an engineer, I view measurement as the key feedback loop in any system or process. In order to gain feedback, you must know what happened.

Sales Data: The Bridge Between Marketing and Finance

The business model of marketing is changing rapidly. Execution risk is shifting from advertiser to agency and publisher. Center to this movement is measurement and attribution of sales data. In fact, the IAB calls out measurement as the TOP area of focus for 2017.

The 1 BILLION Impression Giveaway – WEBINAR

Join us for a “how to” webinar that shares a quick and easy path to enabling measurement and optimization with retail sales data and learn about how you can take advantage of the 1 BILLION free impressions.