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Statement on Racial Equity and Diversity

Barriers to individual achievement-based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, identity and beliefs-must be confronted and overcome.

Make Better, Faster Decisions with Payment Data

To understand consumer trends and needs, there is no better metric than sales data. Consumers vote with their wallets.

Commerce Signals provides insights and measurement from some of the broadest card payment datasets. 

Our products help cut waste and find opportunity. 

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Conquering QSR Marketing’s Final Frontiers

Conquering QSR Marketing’s Final Frontiers

While today’s sophisticated quick service restaurant (QSR) marketers display exceptional creativity, the most successful are also leveraging data and technology in ingenious ways to conquer the last “marketing gap” and close the loop. Which marketing gap?...

Privacy and Control of Retailer Data

Privacy and Control of Retailer Data

Retailers cannot compete with the size of Google, Facebook or Amazon’s first party databases. And that’s ok. Retailers can still generate tremendous value and growth with their CRM and CDP files through smart connections to other trusted partners. The value of data is...