With Payment Card Measurement Insights Across Media Channels and Vendors, Destination Marketers Can Plan, Measure and Attribute Investments with More Confidence

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, June 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ADARA, the global leader in predictive consumer intelligence, today announced a partnership with Commerce Signals, a leading provider of omnichannel payment data for marketers. With this partnership, destination marketers gain a true picture of spending across media vendors and channels from more than 40% of all U.S. credit and debit card spending. Destination marketers are able to confidently attribute marketing spend across channels to a comprehensive range of spending categories including retail, restaurants, attractions and more, across their region for a more successful marketing strategy.

“Visitors spend a significant amount of money in retail and other merchants, which have long been difficult for destination marketers to measure by media vendor or channel for true attribution of their marketing and other initiatives,” said Andy Mantis, Chief Commercial Officer at Commerce Signals. “By combining our credit and debit card spending outcomes with Adara’s leading tourism solutions, marketers will understand the full sales impact of their advertising.”

Partnering with Commerce Signals, Adara provides insights and analytics products with credit and debit card spend data at a pivotal time for many destinations, as tourism starts to return in earnest. The combination of Adara’s tourism marketing and measurement solutions with Commerce Signals card payment insights delivers the most robust picture of tourism spending in the US. For the first time, destination marketers are able to segment insights, for example, comparing in-state and out-of-state visitors, to get a clear picture of spending patterns in a variety of different ways. These insights will help destination marketers increase the efficiency and efficacy of their advertising campaigns.

“Destination marketers need an accurate picture of visitor spending in their region in order to better measure and attribute their own activity. With our Commerce Signals partnership, destinations gain a better understanding of the total economic impact of tourism in their region, which they can effectively attribute at a granular level for much more clarity and control over their approach,” said Zeek Coleman, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Adara.

About Adara

ADARA delivers predictive intelligence to power more effective consumer recognition and engagement to create a competitive edge. Leading consumer brands rely on ADARA’s privacy-first platform to power safe and transparent data sharing for a complete view of the customer. ADARA combines the power of global data consortiums to inform its 1.7 billion digital identities with over 23 billion data elements across 130 countries and serving Global 2,000 customers. Ethically orchestrating data is coded in our DNA. With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility.

About Commerce Signals

Commerce Signals, a Verisk Financial business, is a leading source of credit and debit card data for marketers. With a permissioned and anonymized view of consumer credit and debit card spending behavior, Commerce Signals’ powerful insights, accurate audiences and closed loop measurement help eliminate waste and boost marketing ROI. Its solutions are used by some of the largest retailers, direct to consumer and adtech companies in the country.

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