In-store vs. Online: Where is the American Consumer Shopping?

Comparing U.S. Retail Purchase Behavior Before, During and After the Covid Pandemic

It’s no secret that the Covid pandemic prompted a seismic shift to online shopping. Three years later, what are the long-term ramifications on both online shopping and brick and mortar stores?

In this report, Commerce Signals takes a look at the current state of in-store versus online retail buying and compares the data to a wide range of retail and consumer-direct categories in the month of April each year from 2018 to 2023.

  • Permanent Shift – who stayed online?
  • Return to Stores – who ran away from the keyboard?
  • Sticky Habits – who embraced change?

Download this report to learn more about the industries where Covid drove the most dramatic shifts in American consumer behavior.  We found a few surprises!


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