Customer & Competitive Insights

Know Your Customers Better Than Anyone

Most businesses can’t get the insights they need from their sales reporting because they don’t know who their customers are. Loyalty programs and e-commerce can partially overcome this challenge, but they still only provide a customer view from within your stores.

Commerce Signals can help.

Detailed, Actionable Insights

Find opportunities and strengths with data on customer loyalty, spending shifts, penetration, basket size and more.


Customer Loyalty

Track loyalty for card paying customers, not just those in your loyalty or e-commerce databases.

Share of Wallet

Understand retail category spending inside and outside your stores. Heavy category spenders who don’t spend with you are usually a big opportunity.

Market share

Understand your market performance vs. other named competiors. Geographic and demographic views are available.

Lapsed Customers

Analyze lost customer data for patterns and trends so you can develop an action plan to stem the tide.