Track your first-party data

What Other Parties Do With Your Data Is Your Business



Track Users

Gain visibility into how your data flows, to what party, and for what use


Set Rules

If uses, policies, agreements, or parties change, data flow can be stopped until terms are accepted


Control Use

Be prepared for change in this dynamic consumer and regulatory environment

Why Track Your Data?

Trust and transparency are the heart of your consumer value proposition. Demand it from your partners as well. Data-driven marketers need consumer data, but lose control when data is released to second and third parties. With so many players in the digital marketing supply chain, it’s very difficult for marketers to know where their data ends up. Commerce Signals gives marketing leaders a mission control view of where data is flowing, for what purpose, and under what agreement across the digital marketing supply chain. Visibility can prepare brands for a dynamic consumer and regulatory environment and provides a base from which brands can better control their data. 



How It Works 

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Get started by tracking up to give data partners for free. No long term commitment is required.

Identify Partners

Let us know which data partners you would like to begin tracking.

Notify Partners

Direct partners using or sharing data to implement a simple line of code as notification of use.


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