The real-time marketing performance platform expands leadership in retail purchase data.


Commerce Signals, a marketing insights platform offering payment data that brands can use to boost sales results, announced today the appointment of Todd Morris to its board of directors. The former global president of Catalina Marketing Corporation, Morris has been a leader in applying purchase data to transform marketing for 25 years.

“Todd is a pioneer in activating purchase data for the benefit of retail marketers,” said Thomas Noyes, CEO of Commerce Signals. “His expertise in using census-like consumer packaged goods purchase data to eliminate wasted marketing spend is hyper-relevant for us. Commerce Signals does exactly the same thing for other retail segments using card purchase data from processing banks.

“Every study that Commerce Signals runs identifies spend that does not drive any incremental revenue,” Noyes continued. “This savings more than pays for the investment in our platform, and that’s before you account for the optimization potential by learning what’s driving the most sales within 24 hours.”

Commerce Signals delivers comprehensive payment data insights via its privacy-centric attribution platform. Retailers can then use those insights to optimize loyalty and sales campaigns without IT resources.

“Consumer purchase data is called the holy grail for marketers for good reason: It’s the ultimate measure of what’s converting consumers into buyers,” said Morris. “Commerce Signals has unlocked the largest source of first-party purchase data to drive new levels of performance for retailers and restaurants, all powered by a patented, privacy-centric, real-time platform.”

Morris began his marketing career at Procter & Gamble before launching an e-health startup, RealMed, from angel funding to a $300 million valuation. At Catalina, the global leader in purchase-driven marketing and analytics for CPG retailers and manufacturers, Morris transformed the business, tripled digital revenues, and ultimately sold the business to a new private equity sponsor. Morris was also a founding board member of Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

About Commerce Signals: 
Commerce Signals solves the No. 1 problem in marketing: knowing what works. Retailers can eliminate waste and double the sales driven by their campaigns using Commerce Signals’ near-real-time insights. By connecting ad impressions to always-on, first-party payment data, Commerce Signals closes the marketing loop, giving marketers the opportunity to shift media spend mid-campaign to the marketing tactics that are driving the most incremental sales.

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