Led by some of the brightest minds in the industry.
Experts across merchants, payments, and media.

Led by some of the brightest minds in the industry.
Experts across merchants, payments, and media.

Thomas C. Noyes

Founder & CEO

Top 25 Innovators in Financial Services
FinServ 25: The Most Influential Voices In Banking

• Citibank: Managing Director – Head of Channels, Global Consumer Group
• Starpoint LLP: Managing Partner
• Wachovia: Senior Vice President- Online and Payment Services
• Oracle: Senior Director
• NASA: Senior Engineer
• 41st Parameter: Executive Vice President of Sales
• University of Houston: MBA
• University of Tennessee: B.Sc Aerospace Engineering

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Tom is founder and CEO of Commerce Signals. Recognized as one of the Top 25 Innovators in Financial Services, and one of the Top 25 Influencers in Banking, Tom is well known as an industry connector and for his blog. Collaboration and data sharing takes much more than technology, and it is through trust, experience and reputation that new networks are built. Industry perspective is gained through experience and his team at Starpoint worked with customers such as: Google, Amazon, Amex, Verizon, Mastercard, Early-Warning, Barclays, Fishbowl, GKN, Hyperwallet, and more. Tom has 20 years experience in banking, payments, software development, venture finance, consumer marketing and sales. Prior to creating Commerce Signals, Tom held roles ranging from a NASA engineer to Head of Channels for Citigroup’s Global Consumer Group. At Citi, Tom’s primary focus was driving Citi’s international growth through remote channels (direct banking, mobile, phone). Tom’s global team of 8,000 were focused on: expanding Citi’s presence through a consistent technical and business footprint in 47 countries, creating direct banks in 8 countries, acquiring customers online, and managing global consumer digital/mobile marketing and innovation efforts world wide.

Sheraz Shere

Chief Operating Officer

• Google: Head of Wallet Partnerships
• American Express: Vice President, New Business Development
• Ernst & Young: Senior Consultant
• University of California, Berkeley: MS Information and Data Science
• Princeton University: MSE Statistics and Operations Research
• University of Manitoba: B.Sc, Industrial Engineering

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Sheraz is currently COO of Commerce Signals. Prior to this role, he led merchant partnerships and business development for Google Wallet and was one of the founding members of the Wallet platform. He also led all sales and business development efforts for Google Checkout. Prior to Google, Sheraz spent 8 years at American Express in a variety of new business development and strategy roles, primarily in the Merchant Services division. Sheraz opened several new categories for American Express including apartment rental payments and mortgage payments and was one of 4 teams to win the Chairman’s Award for his efforts. Sheraz brings a unique mix of deep sales and business development experience complemented with strong technical expertise – he is an avid data scientist on the side, entering machine learning competitions on kaggle.com in his spare time. He has extensive experience in the payments space by virtue of his work at American Express and Google and also has over 10 years of experience working with merchants in the payments space.

Russ Schrader

General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer

• Visa: Chief Privacy Officer
• JPMC: Senior Associate Counsel

• Duke University: JD
• NYU: MBA, Finance
• Wake Forest: BA, Politics

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Russ is currently the General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Commerce Signals. Prior to this role, he was the Senior Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer of Visa Inc. Russ was responsible for privacy and data security policies and issues and a principal legal liaison for Visa clients’ attorneys on regulatory issues. He writes and teaches on data security, privacy, payments innovation, and electronic commerce.

Russ has a JD from Duke, an MBA in finance from New York University and a BA from Wake Forest. He is a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee, a former member of the Federal Reserve Board’s Consumer Advisory Committee and served multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Prior to Visa, Russ headed the National Consumer group in the Legal Department of Chase in New York City. He managed legal services to the mortgage, auto, home equity, and unsecured lending businesses. He was also GC to one of Chase’s regional banks.

Dr. Rodney Cook

Chief Scientist

• Bull Trout Capital: Founder & Managing Partner
• Sightward: Founder & CEO
• Ark Interface: Co-Founder & CTO
• Optimas: Founder & CEO
• BioSonics: VP Imaging Products
• International Pacific Salmon Commission: Chief Biometrician
• University of Washington: PHD, Applied Pattern Recognition

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Rodney C. Cook, Ph.D. is a recognized inventor and multipreneur active across a variety of disciplines. Dr. Cook has dominated the worldwide scientific image processing market with an installed base of several thousand including nearly all major governmental agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. His inventions for Graphical User Interfaces are found on virtually all retail computers and cell phones used today. Dr. Cook serves as Chief Scientist at Commerce Signals where he authors paradigm shifting patents drawing upon on a body of trade secrets accumulated over two decades. Dr. Cook also serves as a principle at Bull Trout Capital where he pioneered and successfully applied self-organizing networks in proprietary investment models. Dr. Cook has used these methods to realize and to demonstrate a 60% annualized gain over five years in his stock picks for Obscene Prophets, a private investment newsletter. Most recently this social methodology has been taken private and extended to identify key sectors and land packages for precious metals, strategic minerals and gemstones. Further, proprietary geobotanical exploration models are developed to predict the locations of the most valuable resources. Dr. Cook correctly forecast that Jade would be the best performing commodity in the world over the past decade, and served as President of the flagship company Bull Trout Jade where he consolidated and validated potentially the largest and most valuable nephrite jade deposits in the world. Before Bull Trout Dr. Cook founded Sightward and authored patents to forecast human behavior using the internet (patents acquired by InfoUSA); co-founded Ark Interface where he pioneered the use of software patents to protect software with the first patent for a Graphical User Interface which shipped on 70% of all computers worldwide (patents acquired by Packard Bell/then AOL/then Verizon); founded Optimas and architected their award winning medical and scientific image processing system (acquired by FLIR); and founded BioSonics’ Imaging division and developed their Optical Pattern Recognition System. Dr. Cook has extensive environmental and executive consulting experience. He began this career as Chief Biometrician for the International Pacific Salmon Commission applying, in real time, his doctoral dissertation in applied pattern recognition from the University of Washington College of Ocean and Fisheries Science.

Neil Bushong

Head of Research

• Ernst and Young: Manager; Ally Financial: Senior Quantitative Analyst
• Bank of America: Business Analyst
• Blackbird Holdings: Quantitative Developer
• Round Table Investment Management: Quantitative Analyst
• University of California, San Diego: PhD, Condensed Matter Physics
• University of Florida: BS, Physics

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Neil is currently the Head of Research at Commerce Signals. His previous body of work focused on the design and implementation of models characterizing physical phenomena and financial instruments. Before joining Commerce Signals, at Ernst and Young Neil led a team that projected pre-provision net revenue for the equity sales and trading group at a large multinational financial services firm. At Ally Financial, Neil applied principal component analysis to quantify interest rate risk associated with the firm’s retail deposit pricing, and applied survival analysis to capture runoff risk. Prior to that, at Bank of America Neil performed technical analysis developing a data warehouse in support of the front office, and at Blackbird Holdings, Neil designed and implemented a concurrent Monte Carlo matching algorithm that was used during the firm’s forward rate agreement (FRA) switch auctions. At Round Table Investment Management, Neil worked with the trading desk to price mark-to-model securities, and developed the firm’s risk management infrastructure. Neil’s doctoral dissertation treated nanoscale electron dynamics using analytical and numerical methods ranging from full ab initio techniques to approximate tight binding models.

Marc Luce

Head of Engineering

• Wren Technology Advisors, Inc: President
• ODEX Group: (acquired by Clear Markets) Chief Architect
• Blackbird Holdings: Server Architect
• S1: Software Engineer
• First Union: Software Engineer
• James Madison University: BS, Computer Science

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Marc is currently the Head of Engineering at Commerce Signals. He has been developing software for 23 years. His career has taken him from building packaged off the shelf software, to online banking applications supporting millions of users, to online derivative trading software supporting millions of open orders. Marc has worked as a leader of large teams in a large financial institution, a leader and member of a small team for a mid-size company, and worked on his own as a technology provider. Marc has been the lead developer of a team that handled online banking and payments accounting for large sums of money for a limited number of users. Most recently, he was the lead architect and developer for one of the first Swaps Execution Facilities (SEFs) in compliance with Dodd Frank Regulations for derivatives trading. The system was a marketplace that auto-matched buyers with sellers. The system was built for thousands of users to maintain their positions in real time, by reflecting accurate prices with hundreds of updates per second. Marc’s career began at a small start-up writing project management software on the Mac and Next platforms. Marc then worked for a government contractor supplying technology to the Air Force that enabled them to deploy anywhere in the world in under 24 hours. He then became one of the lead developers at Great Plains Software (later acquired by Microsoft), building a new corporate accounting package for large customers. He then spent 18 years working for banking and trading applications. While working for the banks (Wells Fargo as well as Bank of America) Marc was instrumental in managing and pricing the inventory of assets that fed into their Asset Backed Securities. He also spent quite a while working for S1 as one of the architects building software for corporate level banking applications. S1 provided a suite of banking functionality including treasury and payment processing. During that time he joined Blackbird to lead the server side development for the world’s first online derivatives trading platform. The platform supported traders across the globe and managed a low latency live price marketplace, complete with auto-matching and term negotiation. Marc then used his knowledge to start Odex Group, which was eventually acquired by Clear Markets. Odex Group created one of the first SEFs in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Regulations governing the OTC derivatives market. Marc has extensive experience building systems with a large number of transactions between a small number of users, as well as systems with a large number of users with a minimal amount of transactions. Marc has excelled in small startups as well as large international corporations. Throughout Marc’s career he has been an early adopter of new programming languages, platforms, techniques, and methodologies. He has consistently mastered the best in class tools to create software that performs beyond the expectations of competing solutions. His breadth of experience makes him uniquely qualified to design and implement a platform that can support high frequency signals used to drive consumer behavior just as easily as it can support low frequency signals.

Gary Solomon

Director of IT

• ODEX Group: Chief Technology Officer (acquired by Clear Markets)
• Blackbird Holdings: Director of Technology
• Entitle Books: Chief Technology Officer
• Wide Open Technologies: Co-Founder
• University of North Carolina at Charlotte: BS, Computer Engineering

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Gary is currently Director of IT at Commerce Signals. His career as a financial and web technology specialist and entrepreneur has traversed both corporate enterprise and startup worlds, with a focus on developing custom eCommerce systems, building and deploying high availability electronic trading and transaction processing platforms, and cloud-based system integration. While advancing from first hire and development lead to Director of Technology at Blackbird Holdings, Gary worked directly with service bus pioneer TIBCO on the architecture and development of the world’s first electronic exchange for interest rate derivatives, and was instrumental in building out a platform and technology team spanning three continents. Following Blackbird, Gary co-founded and served as CTO at ODEX Group (acquired by Clear Markets), where he led innovative efforts to build and operate trading technologies adhering to the nascent Dodd-Frank SEF regulatory requirements. He also co-founded Wide Open Technologies, a technology consulting firm specializing in eCommerce system development and integration, with major clients including JustFab.com, Heels.com, and Red Giant Software. Most recently, while serving as CTO at Entitle Books, he directed the build-out of a subscription-based service for eBooks, a platform serving as the basis of “Ellen’s Book Bar”, a co-branded partnership with the Ellen DeGeneres Show.