Insights Pro Accounts

Taking data insights to the next level

Insights Pro accounts include full access to our COVID-19 Consumer Spend Impact Tracker, plus all of these premium features:

Demographic data

With an Insights Pro account you can drill into who is spending in any category or geography. PRIZM segments include data on age, income, marital status, employment, education and tech usage. Lifestage and social group data is included as well.

Distance traveled per transaction

By measuring the distance between a consumers home and where they make purchases, we can tell how much they are traveling. This data is viewable for specific categories and geographies, so you’ll know when consumer travel and shopping habits are returning to normal.

Power user features

Frequent users of the platform will save time and effort with these features. Insights Pro accounts include the ability to download the data into CSV files for further analysis and presentations. Map selections can also be saved and restored which makes repeat analysis much quicker and easier.

Datacube access

For custom analysis, we can share the underlying data tables, refreshed on a weekly basis. Let’s discuss what you need.