Merchant Level Purchase Data In 24 Hours.

Optimize & Measure ads with spend from the world’s largest retail electronic payments network.

Spend data provided by Visa Ad Measurement


What’s Included:

 For illustrative purposes only
*Requires marketers to meet our submission deadlines  

Product Features:

  • Databridge provides multiple levels of details including rough cuts of aggregated data insights allowing you to do your own analysis.
  • Results within 24 hours*
  • Dashboard & API available 24/7
  • Deterministic matching to payment methods
  • Agnostic ID management

Key Industries We Work With:

  • Retail
  • Quick Serve Restaurant
  • Casual Dining
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Entertainment

How we connect your audience to our databridge marketplace.

Media Planning

STEP 1: Incorporate measurement design in your media plans with the advertiser.

Campaign Run

STEP 2: A media plan is executed.

IDs to databridge

STEP 3: Ad network/publisher sends an exposure file (de-identifies ID’s) to databridge


STEP 4: Databridge sends de-identified ID’s to the chosen data source (e.g., Visa) for processing. Databridge never handles any personally identifiable information.

Report Delivered

STEP 5: Databridge delivers aggregated sales effectiveness insights to you.

Looking for more use cases?

Data owners are always looking to invent new and exciting models that create valuable insight.