Data Marketplace

Your rules. Your environment. Your price.

Commerce Signals Solution

Our proprietary technology allows data owners to commercialize their insights for the mid- and long-tail data buyers with minimal investment.

With Commerce Signals, first party data owners can now activate data through our secure, permission-based data platform while maintaining 100% control of the use and price.

The Opportunity

  • Activate timely and critical data insights for customers.

The Solution

  • We help find the best way to unlock the value of your data, without the need to ever ship or store.
  • Data products are built and deployed in months with no additional hardware.

How Commerce Signals connects data owners with data buyers.

Data Owners

Respond to standardized requests that we create, or custom data products that you design, control and price.

Commerce Signals

Via an API or dashboard, a data buyer can request an insight 24/7 and get results within 24-48 hours.

Data Buyers

Obtain aggregate insights, measure advertising effectiveness, select data sources based upon match rate.

Want to build and deploy a custom use case?

Commerce Signals serves data owners through step-by-step collaboration.

STEP 1: Together we analyze and document what insights are in demand that complement your data.

STEP 2: You define pricing, permission rules and controll processes

STEP 3: Commerce Signals designs query input fields and designs response output.

STEP 4: Launch your custom use case on Commerce Signals.