Cross Platform Measurement

Improve Efficiency. Increase Reach. Grow Sales.

Excessive frequency is worse than just wasting your money. It can lead to consumer resentment. Require more of your digital partners and develop your new media supply chain.

“7 out of 10 consumers think ads are annoying and the number one problem is too much frequency.”

– Marc Pritchard, P&G CMO at ANA Media 2019

How We Can Help

Benchmark delivered reach and frequency

Understanding the reach and frequency distribution of your current campaigns is a great place to start.

Reduce excessive frequency

Track total impressions in real time and alert digital partners when individuals have reached your overall frequency caps.

Measure unique reach of audiences and partners

Once you see the overlap of your digital audiences, you’ll want to use this tool proactively to evaluate the incremental reach of new options.

Compare exposed audience fit with your intended target

Determine the percentage of served impressions that truly hit your desired audience by using reliable, independent data sources to measure the efficiency of your reach.

Why Commerce Signals


Your Data. Your Control

We connect you with insights from trusted parties without adding risk.


Privacy Centric

Anonymous, de-identified IDs are just the start of our patented privacy approach.


Neutral Third Party

We are transparent and unbiased. We don’t sell ads, audiences or panel data.


We provide actionable, near-real time insights so you can improve business outcomes.

ID Agnostic

Our flexible platform can use and ID graph you like including your own.