CHARLOTTE, N.C.Dec. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ Commerce Signals, the marketing insights platform that identifies what’s driving sales in near real time, today announced the appointment of Bryan Eldring as the company’s new Chief Revenue Officer. Eldring brings more than two decades of marketing SaaS and sales management experience at startups and public companies, including Criteo, Resonate and Meredith.

“Bryan’s experience leading sales across marketing, media and analytics companies is critical for us and our efforts to deliver value to our retail customers,” said Thomas Noyes, founder and CEO of Commerce Signals. “He is a great fit for our team, for our investors and — most importantly — for our customers.”

Commerce Signals helps brand marketers grow sales by identifying in under 72 hours which campaign elements are working. When marketers shift their investments to what’s working best, they can double their sales impact and ROAS. With no upfront implementation required, brands can improve their results next week.

“I’ve worked extensively with omnichannel retailers for the past 13 years. They’ve expressed frustration about how easy e-commerce marketing can be optimized and the lack of tools to help in-store to do the same. Commerce Signals is that tool,” said Eldring. “I look forward to creating value-based, ROI-focused relationships with clients and exceeding revenue goals in my role at the company.”

About Commerce Signals:
Commerce Signals solves the No. 1 problem in marketing: knowing what works. Retailers can double the sales driven by their campaigns using Commerce Signals’ near-real-time insights. By connecting ad impressions to fresh payment data, Commerce Signals closes the marketing loop, giving marketers the opportunity to shift media spend mid-campaign to the marketing tactics that are driving the most incremental sales.

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